We can create tailored programmes which focus on the following themes:
  • Sexual harassment
    Sexual harassment

    Raising awareness of what sexual harassment is, how to respond to it, how to report to school, bystander intervention and where to get help.

  • Healthy relationships
    Healthy relationships

    Understanding what makes a relationship healthy, identifying unhealthy and abusive behaviour, our relationship with ourselves, where to get help and support, looking out for our friends.

  • Bullying

    Difference between rude, mean and bullying, how to respond to bullying, where to get help, how to help others, the power of kindness, understanding difference.

  • Impact of pornography
    Impact of pornography

    Exploring the messages given by porn and its impact on individuals, relationships and wider society, understanding that it doesn’t portray real life situations and how real people relate to each other, where to get good quality health and relationships information and advice.

  • Gender equality
    Gender equality

    Exploring how gendered expectations affect us all, looking at clothes, toys and the world of work to see the impact of gender inequality.

  • Mental health and wellbeing
    Mental health and wellbeing

    Empowerment programmes, mindfulness, resilience, relaxation, self-regulation and managing emotions.

  • Personal safety
    Personal safety

    Reducing risks, street safety, self defence techniques.

  • Sex and relationships
    Sex and relationships

    Emotional aspects of healthy sex lives and relationships, importance of pleasure, peer pressure, where to get good quality information and help and advice.

  • Consent

    What it means, how to get it, how to give it, why it matters.

  • Active Bystander
    Active Bystander

    Exploring the issues around being a bystander and sharing practical options to intervene safely when we witness harassment or hate crime. Train the trainer option also available.

    2 hours for up to 20 participants.

With the exception of self defence content, these can be delivered directly to children or as staff training.

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