We believe that all children have the right to be safe. We use games, stories and interactive activities in our age-appropriate Keep Me Safe workshops which explore the following themes:
  • Road Safety
    Road Safety

    Road safety awareness, travelling in cars safely and understanding the rules of the road for pedestrians.

  • Keeping safe when out and about
    Keeping safe when out and about

    What to do if you get lost, asking for help, staying near to your grown-up, responding to others.

  • How to react in an emergency
    How to react in an emergency

    When and how to contact emergency services, what to say on the phone and where to get help.

  • Safe behaviour around dogs
    Safe behaviour around dogs

    What to do if a dog runs up to you, how to divert a dogs attention, what you can use to send a dog away, how to stay safe if a dog jumps up.

  • Responding to adults who try to trick you
    Responding to adults who try to trick you

    Trusting your instinct, some tricks that people may use, where to get help if something doesn’t feel right.

  • Dealing with bullying
    Dealing with bullying

    The difference between rude, mean and bullying, how to respond to bullying, where to get help, how to help others, the power of kindness, understanding difference.

  • Friendships

    What makes a healthy friendship, what we can do when we fall out with friends, looking out for each other, the importance of kindness and tolerance.

  • Feelings and emotions
    Feelings and emotions

    Mindfulness, self-regulation, understanding our emotions, coping with our feelings, expressing ourselves, accepting who we are.

  • Gender equality
    Gender equality

    Exploring how gendered expectations affect us all, looking at clothes, toys and the world of work to see the impact of gender inequality.

  • My body, my choice
    My body, my choice

    The importance of consent, knowing that we should decide what happens to our bodies, where to get help if something doesn’t feel right.

  • Self defence and personal safety
    Self defence and personal safety

    Simple but affective physical techniques to help children defend themselves if someone tries to physically hurt them.

With the exception of self defence content, these can be delivered directly to children or as staff training.


"Freedom Personal Safety has worked with a number of children in our school. Working with complete confidentiality, professionalism and a real passion to support the health and wellbeing of our children, their work has made a tremendous impact on the lives of our young people. Detailed planning and discussion with staff in school has ensured that individual children are supported in a friendly, interesting and positive way. "

Elaine Bradley, Head, Slaithwaite CofE Primary School, Huddersfield

Partner - Slaithwaite C of E Junior & Infant School

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